Website for Karageorgiou handmade furniture company.

URL: www.karageorgiou.gr
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Website for Mancon Construction.

Mancon Construction Ltd is active in the field of Construction undertaking mainly Building constructions (private and public), reconstructions, reinforcement of existing structures and the full spectrum of electro-mechanical works as a turnkey operation either with or without the designs.

URL: www.mancontechniki.gr
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MANCON-ΤΕΧΝΙΚΗ-2015-01-19-13-09-09 MANCON-ΤΕΧΝΙΚΗ-2015-01-19-13-09-35 MANCON-ΤΕΧΝΙΚΗ-2015-01-19-13-09-55


Web design for the Tzampaman Product search engine.

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Beezoo Handmade Creations

The website of Beezoo Handmade Creations.

“Beezoo Handmade Creations” is Georgia Demiri and she is making jewellery and accessories for the last 8 years. She has taken classes for hand made jewellery and metals and she also participated in various seminars on jewellery.

Her inspiration comes from colours, nature, the use of different materials and from people in their every day life.
She loves working with her hands, exploring new techniques and mixing different materials together.

Making jewellery is her passion and it makes her happy to see women wearing her creations. She wants to make people feel different, unique and beautiful and stand out from the “usual” with her  jewellery and accessories.

URL: www.beezoo.gr
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Beezoo Handmande Creations

Pame Bolta

Web design for Pame Bolta.

Pamebolta is web portal for kids entertaiment.

URL: www.pamebolta.gr
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Pame Bolta


Mikri Poli

Flash objects for Mikri Poli Family Friendly Resorts website

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Igor Gorsky

Website for the painter Igor Gorsky.

URL: www.igorgorsky.com
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Website for Mariangela company.

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